Testimonials and Reviews


This program truly stands out as a leader amongst others. I cannot speak more highly of the live trading room sessions where the market is analyzed, technical and sentiment approaches are taught and the rationale is clearly explained. Questions are always welcome and encouraged.

Dimitri K.

If you are a trader you should really give the course a try for at least one month. The amount of things I’ve learnt in the 3 months I have been here is insane. They really gave me the confidence I needed as well as great technical analysis that I will use for the rest of my trading days. I knew after the first day that this was real deal and grateful I found them when I did.


You will notice that many of the members have been around for several years. THAT is vivid proof that this program is truly worth its weight in gold. One of the first things that will strike you is that most of the members are quite serious about their trading. Most of the members are friends, and there is quite a lot of camaraderie going on. Personally speaking, I’m here to stay. THIS is the group for me.


After 9 months with The Trading Mentor I still learn and enjoy every day, every live session. I came a long way, dumping all the useless information learned from the internet. I highly recommend them. At least give it a try, you never know, they made wonders for so many people.


I consider this program to be without equal in terms of its very low cost and value received by the aspiring trader. Frankly, I cant see myself not maintaining membership well into the future.


The Trading Mentor provides a huge library of incredible educational materials and access to professionally and meticulously worked out trade plans as well as access to live trade rooms and continuous education and guidance.


I can't recommend this service enough. It's truly 5 star program. This course, principles mentioned in it and care of the mentors was what transitioned me to a really profitable trader. The value you get for your money feels like you're stealing from them.


If you are serious about trading and willing to commit to your growth and development over the long term, then I strongly urge you to give this trading program a try.


The Trading Mentor is one of the best forex education course I came across! The mentors really know their stuff! Alex is really resourceful and open to any questions. He is always there to guide you and point you in the right direction! I love the environment of the room. The people who are in the program are really friendly and happy to help each other out. Overall, you won't go wrong with this trading education course!​


This program is suitable for new to experienced traders. There are enough educational videos in the membership site to cover pretty much everything from starting to trade and beyond. However, the real value is in the mentorship. If anyone is serious about trading as a career, my advice is to find a good mentor and in my opinion there is no better than The Trading Mentor.


I learned so much from them and I would never switch program again. It's the best course/mentoring program out there. I would almost call it the holy grail of trading education.


I haven't been part of many trading programs but I can assure you that The Trading Mentor is the only one where you will learn what it really means to plan a trade and trade the plan.


This is truly the ultimate all in one package, a one stop shop.

Michael C.

I am confident that with Alex's teaching I will eventually trade for a living. In joining this program you will learn to trade professionally, like the market marker.


Joining the program is like joining a small family, it is having an honest mentor. In my case, it's having a new chance in life.


The video courses and the daily practical trading sessions are a great way of learning this. This is the only way of being successful in the financial market as a trader. I don't need trading signals, I need to build a skillset and learn how to trade! If you are looking for the same then stop your search and join us!

John A.

I have been in a lot of trading programs over the years, some good, some bad. But I can say I have never been in a program that is more committed to making you a better trader. Alex does everything he can to improve your knowledge and takes the time to answer any and every question you have.


Alex has always taken the time to teach properly - such as understanding fundamental analysis, what drives the markets, price action - from the very basics to more advance trading, such as washing and damage control, money management etc. The length they take in explaining and teaching amazes me.


With the 52 videos in the basic course I was able to answer a lot of questions that were occupying my mind. I highly recommend watching the videos multiple times. There is a lot of valuable information. Furthermore the chat room is TOP! You get answers to the questions and learn how to trade. All are kind and there is a lot of respect to all, even if you are completely new. Everybody is willing to help.


The trading education taught here, in my opinion and experience, is very effective. Take the dive as I did, you will find it is well worth it.


I have been a member of the The Trading Mentor for 2 months now, and I have received exactly as I was promised, and even more.


I would recommend them highly especially as a beginner and if you need to learn how things really operate. The style is like Kung Fu markets! Great teachers and always around to help with answers to questions.


I've been with Alex's program for 18 months. The value we get is amazing. Over 10 hours a day.


It’s not often that I’m motivated to write a review on any forex mentoring service I’ve used, but this one truly stands out as a leader amongst others and deserves a comment. Both Mike (now retired) and Alex teach forex trading right from the very basics through to the advanced. I cannot speak more highly of the live trading room sessions where the market is analyzed, technical approaches are suggested and the rationale is clearly explained. Questions are always welcome and encouraged. I would encourage any aspiring trader to give this service a try - you won’t regret it.

Jan P

I'm with them now for close to a year and see no need to look elsewhere. Was profitable from the first day I started trading live.


Being taught to trade by Alex has been incredible. After 5 Years of learning I finally found The Trading Mentor and what a blessing it was. They work tirelessly to make sure you are clear on how to trade correctly with a plan. Never have I come across such committed and knowledgeable teachers and I'm extremely grateful I did. They will transform your trading with a method that ACTUALLY WORKS. True professionals.


If you want to be a trader, you need to do this. How much will it cost to learn the hard way when you have someone who will help you for next to nothing and get you on the right path right away?


He didn't challenge me just once or twice or three times, he challenged me every day several times a day on what I was learning. That's the mark of a good teacher. He demonstrated a genuine interest in my learning.


Without hesitation, I would recommend this training for anyone with an interest in financial markets.

Brian G

I cannot tell you how much this opened my eyes to the forex market; it was if I was seeing for the first time.


When you consider that you can pay tens of thousands to so called teachers out there that don't get you anywhere, for this small of a price, you are crazy if you don't do it.

John C

Having been a member now for some years, I can say with absolute certainty that Alex has not only dramatically improved my Trading, he's helped me fully understand the full dynamics of the markets, how to professionally use technical and fundamental analysis the correct way and how to become a professional trader. It goes without saying that the way he teaches, explains and mentors is on a totally different level to anything I’ve seen around.


Alex is a blessing - his ability to get along with everybody, be inclusive, and his predictability every single day are so admirable. His perspective is amazing. His tips and experience resonates with everybody, and NOT ONE question goes unanswered, nor are you ever left feeling confused as he goes out of his way to provide insights to help so that you can do one thing that matters and that is to produce results. Proud to be here and thank you for your commitment to making me a monster trader.


I can truthfully say that this team have taught me so much more in these 3 months than I’ve learned in 4 years! Trading never felt so good!


Trading is an art form which will take years to master. After having been in the markets for about a decade, I still find myself constantly learning . I am very glad to be part of The Trading Mentor where the environment is friendly and good people share their knowledge freely and patiently about setups, psychology and much more. If you want to succeed in trading, this is the place to go! You will learn from some of the very best 🙂


My questions are answered very quickly and I have learned an enormous amount in the past 3 months. I am now trying very hard to forget everything I ever learned from other teachers and concentrate only on Alex's training which is already working better than any other method I've tried before.

Michael A.

I have been trading for years and only learnt about hedging and proper damage control when I joined. My trading has been completely changed for the best.


Alex will drill you into a routine, into being disciplined and learning the basic economics that move the FX markets. Really "eye-opening" teachings, some of which I never heard about before. Friendly room and everyone is offering each other help, no matter if it is about trading, psychology or whatever you need to be successful.