The Trading Mentor is a unique and private financial markets trading education program designed for those who want to become proficient at understanding the foreign exchange, commodities and equity markets and have a desire to pursue a professional path as a trader.

With top notch technical, fundamental and sentiment tuition, endless hours of training video content, live classes, private sessions and a veteran and supportive community, we have everything you need to learn and master this craft.


Begin your journey anywhere in the process. Are you looking for basic education? We have you covered with all the building blocks needed to get started; from essential concepts to your first market analysis. Are you a trader looking to up your game? We have you covered as well; from fundamental, sentiment and risk event analysis to advanced market maker techniques used by large institutions.

Our goal is to get the you the most personalized education in your pursuit to become a better trader.


The quest to learn about financial markets and begin a career as a professional trader can certainly be a lonely one.

Our community is comprised of active and extremely supportive students and veterans who band together to provide support and ideas to each other and oftentimes simply for fun at the end of a long training week.

You will never feel alone.


You decide where to start

  • BASICYour journey begins

    Learn basic market concepts, from understanding the way markets function and how they move, to technical and fundamental analysis. Learn how professional traders take advantage of this knowledge to maximize their returns and protect their capital by analyzing, planning and executing their edges. A solid foundation is paramount to your learning experience.
  • INTERMEDIATETake a step few others dare to take

    Learn how to analyze market sentiment, the powerful force behind short term market movement. Learn advanced risk event analysis, deep trader psychology and the best kept industry secrets on how to manage active positions in the market. Mastering these intermediate elements is a must.
  • ADVANCEDThe endless pursuit of excellence

    Learn advanced position, risk and portfolio management techniques with our proprietary risk management methodology. Learn how large institutions, hedge funds and professional retail traders maximize their efficiency and effectiveness under all market conditions.


My name is Alex Soro and I am the co-founder and primary instructor and coach at The Trading Mentor.

I have been a teacher for as long as I can remember, having had my first mentoring job over 30 years ago now. I began trading stocks in the early 2000s and then focused on the foreign exchange and commodities markets back in 2011. I have been a professional trader and financial markets educator since 2014.

Teaching and helping my students progress is a primal passion of mine and rest assured that I will stop at nothing to help you learn and achieve your goals.

Also, while the lessons are in English, I am fluent in Spanish and French as well, so the one on one sessions don't have to be in English if you prefer any of the other two options.

A word from renowned pro trader Michael Storm

I've been a trader for 22 years and have spent 13 years teaching folks how to trade. I can attest to the fact that finding someone who excels at trading is a hard thing to do but finding someone who also has a heart to teach? It's so rare... it's like finding a gold or diamond mine.

Alex was with me as a student for years and then came on as the London trade room manager in our program. Over the years I watched his trading grow and excel. Last few years I saw his sentiment and teaching on it just skyrocket to glorious perfection. His Damage Control (our proprietary risk management edge) and portfolio management techniques and skills reach my own. Months ago I knew I was going to quit teaching and I knew Alex was the one to take on the baton. So yes, I passed the torch to him and he took off running with it to new levels. If you are looking for someone who seriously knows their game and can teach you how to read and trade the markets without getting killed, Alex is your guy. I cannot possibly recommend him enough.

Sadly today many folks believe they can't afford education! They think that they can wait until they make some money first! Then, the inevitable happens and they just slowly bleed to death. If the mindset was changed they would realize that success can be taught and transferred. Don't be cheap with your education or your dedication. Ignorance is very expensive; knowledge is cheap. Let Alex take you under his wing and show you how to achieve your goals.

Michael Storm



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